Our first pregnancy babies and children's expo - Perth

Author: ejuno   Date Posted:1 July 2017 

Ejuno was very proud to be part of this annual expo....

How many blackouts has Perth had in the past 12 months? The 2017 Perth Pregnancy baby and children’s expo was packed to the brim with teeny tots, glowing mothers and excited fathers to be checking out the latest and greatest of mother, baby, children and family information and products.

Ejuno was very proud to be part of this annual expo that showcases products and services that range from natural and organic to the world of high end technology that is now on offer for new parents.

At the Perth PBC expo we were able to give people the opportunity to sample some of our Mambino Organics skin care- the purest skin care on earth. This range is all food grade, plant derived, vegan and cruelty free. Not only is it free of any nasties, it is also highly effective. Patrons were also free to touch and feel the quality of our fair trade, certified organic baby clothes range –“organickid”.  A high quality but affordable organic baby clothes. A great, trendy and fun range that we are proud to supply to the Australian market. Visitors to our stall were also able to take home samples of our plant derived cleaning products – our “Friendly Organics” range. This range is derived from coconuts, and fragranced only with pure organic essential oils.

Our range of organic baby clothes was very popular, with our organic baby clothes gift sets being a favourite. As people walked passed they were drawn to the unique designs of our organic baby clothes and were further impressed that they were both certified fair trade as well as being certified organic.

People were interested in our other ranges unique to ejuno and we really enjoyed showing off the high quality of our products and chatting to our new customers about the company and its philosophy.

Some punters even returned the following day to make further purchases from us, while others used our website to take advantage of the expo discount.

So all in all, it was a great expo, with ejuno being able to show off our range of unique and natural mother and baby products that are exclusive to ejuno.

This was ejuno’s first expo and we are looking forward to having our second one in the up and coming Melbourne PBC expoJ. We are excited to continue to find the best organic mum and baby products and bring these to Australia.



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