Why Sophie the Giraffe makes an ideal first toy ?

Author: ejuno team   Date Posted:1 January 2017 


Why Sophie the Giraffe makes an ideal first toy ?

Sophie the Giraffe is a classic European toy handmade in France for over 50 years.

It is made of 100% natural rubber, so you don’t have to worry about what sort of unknown chemicals or plastics Sophie contains.

It makes a great first toy as it is easy to grasp, having thin legs and a typical long neck.

Unlike other ​noise making toys that can give a high pitched electronic sounds (that provide a short-cut to insanity for a parent on a bad day),

Sophie the Giraffe makes a delightful squeak when squeezed.

During the trying times of teething,

Sophie is easy to chew, giving relief to little gums.

Her head and her feet fit well against your baby’s gums.

You can also rest assured that the paint on Sophie is food grade, and, being made of rubber, contains no BPA, BPS or Phthalates.

The natural rubber composes most of Sophie’s surface, with the brown spots being painted on with food grade paint.

This contrast on Sophie the giraffe gains the attention of little ones, as colour contrast is known to be attractive to babies’ vision.

In Australia, more and more of our toys are coming from China newer to manufacturing and where regulations may not be as comprehensive, toys that have a long history and come from a long history of manufacturing can give extra appeal.

Not surprisingly, with a growing focus on children’s toxic exposures and environmental awareness,

Sophie the Giraffe won Product of the year in 2009 by American Specialty Toy Retail Toy Association and has won multiple awards all over the world.

Many celebrities such as Uma Therman, Sandra Bullock and Madonna have also chosen Sophie the Giraffe for their children.

So whilst the rest of us don’t get awards or become famous for anything that we do, we can perhaps gloat to our friends that we have something in common with a few major celebrities;)

So all in all, Sophie the Giraffe makes a wonderful gift, but also a great purchase for your little one that you won’t regret.

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