Our bodies, our environment and the new year

Author: Dr Catherine Collins   Date Posted:1 December 2016 

As a doctor, I'm always amazed how the body tries to compensate for our mistreatment


Dear readers,


Hi, I’m Dr Catherine Collins, a Doctor who trained at the University of Western Australia. I’ve further trained as a General Practitioner and been working in WA for the past 12 years.

In more recent years,  I've also become more aware of the huge impact that the food we eat has on our bodies, and therefore our overall health. I have also become more interested in our surrounding environment and its impact on our health.

As a first interaction our surrounding environment has a large impact on the quality of our food and therefore a large impact on our health. Secondly it influences our health in other ways including the air we breathe and the toxic load to our bodies.


This interest has lead me to specialising in Nutritional and Environmental medicine in the past few years. My passion has become looking at underlying causes of disease, rather than the final expression of the disease in its symptoms.

Trying to look at all the factors impacting a person’s health and aiming to optimise health at a cellular level as well as the whole body level. Starting with our food and the absorbtion of our food, then looking into the complexities of our gut health and following onto further complexities of each person's physiology, biochemistry, genetics, environmental exposures and psychology we begin to make substantial gains in a persons health.


As a doctor, I'm always amazed how the body tries to compensate for our mistreatment, but it seems it can only compensate up to a limit.

From there we start experiencing “dis-ease”. Our bodies trying to tell us that we might need to step back and start from the basics.


When this "dis-ease" sets in, we need to seek help and act. Part of this action means addressing the hard stuff- like what we put on our plates and how we care for our inner lives. This has so many levels of challenges. It’s easy as a doctor to give advice about our food and our environment and the way we care for our inner lives. The integration to our everyday lives can be near impossible if the other demands on us are already overwhelming.


Instead of being easily overwhelmed with the changes we need to make, how about we try and start simply- one small thing at a time.


So, what is one small thing that you want to do for your health in the coming new year?

Maybe it's going for a walk once a week, trying a new meditation app, going to a yoga class, finally getting a health check-up, heading out to nature more often, making a small change to eat one more piece of naturally occuring food each day, reducing your use of disposable plastics, having a regular massage or an even more difficult task-  giving yourself a little self-compassion.

 What change are going to be achievable and sustainable? 

I look forward to sharing a journey of practical achievable small changes that will aid our bodies and environment to heal better than before.



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