How Do We Make Changes to Our Health and Environment

Author: Dr Catherine Collins   Date Posted:1 February 2017 

For most of us living with constant demands of work.....





So it either hits us in two ways- we get a serious illness or continued series of illnesses, or we have enough things steady in our lives that we have some capacity to evaluate our health and to take some action.


For most of us living with constant demands of work, home life and family life it comes when an illness creates the need for recovery. But sometimes even seeking solutions is, at the time, out of reach of one’s strength, if other challenges are at the forefront.


I’ve always liked the wisdom of Maslow. The hierarchy of needs- have a google search. The expectation on others (and ourselves) for trying to get to problem solving, without having the other levels at least in part fulfilled.


So for many just trying to get by, health and looking after our surrounds takes the back burner. For no particular fault of that individual. The surrounding pressures are too much to be able for us to have the energy for problem solving. And if we do, we want a quick fix, so we can get back to our busy lives (that may be part of why we became sick in the first place). Strange creatures we are.


Where do we go from here? We get through the day, as well as we can, and when we have a time that is a little smoother, we try something small and new, that could help us, our loved ones and our environment. Let’s explore a few of these possibilities together.

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