5 Ways to Survive the New Baby

Author: ejuno   Date Posted:1 November 2017 

You've probably prepared the nursery, purchased the layette and...


5 Ways to Survive the New Baby

If you're about to have a new baby soon, congratulations! This is an exciting time for a couple or family. You've probably prepared the nursery, purchased the layette and decided whether or not you'll nurse or bottle feed the little one. You know that in a few months you'll need to baby-proof your house with electric socket protectors and childproof cabinet locks, but you still have some time before the crawling starts.


These are all important things, but there are other considerations before you bring home your little bundle of love. Here are some ways to save your sanity when you come home with the baby.

.   Have some simple-to-prepare meals ready.

If you haven't had a baby in the house yet, you might not realize how little time you'll have for meal preparation. Whether these are meals you've prepared in advance or frozen dinners from the store, you'll be glad you have them.

.   Prepare some quiet space.

Whether your baby needs to be fed in a calm environment or you simply need some time alone, you'll be thankful to have a place to go.

.   Get a swing or rocking chair.

There are times when nothing seems to calm down the little one, and you don't think you can pace another step. The simple back and forth motion provided by a baby swing or rocking chair can soothe most babies.

.   Sign up some helpers.

When people offer to assist after the baby arrives, jot down their names and numbers. Even a small thing like having someone sit with the little one while you nap can be a huge help.

.   Borrow as much as possible.

Babies grow so quickly they'll outgrow most of their clothes and equipment before you get your money's worth. When people offer to let you borrow their baby items, take them up on it, unless it's outdated or unsafe.

Most new parents don't realize how much a baby can change their lives. All of the things listed above will help make the process much smoother and enjoyable.


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