Benefits Of Infant Massage

Author: ejuno   Date Posted:1 February 2018 

The most important of these benefits is...

Benefits Of Infant Massage


Infant massage offers numerous benefits to both babies and their parents. The most important of these benefits is the bonding experience that both the parent and the baby share with one another. 

Aside from that, there are plenty of emotional and health benefits as well, most of which can help babies throughout their development. So if you've never massaged your baby before then the following information will show you why you should. 

Bonding Benefits

One of the best benefits of infant massage is that it helps baby bond with mum and dad. It helps to stimulate a child's awareness of her parents, and she develops a feel for what her father or mother "feel" like, based on their touch alone. 

You can improve this bonding process by using special oils and baby products. One good example is organic massage oil. Not only are these types of oils good for a baby's skin, they also have a comforting smell that most babies will associate with comfort and relaxation. 

Finally, it's worth mentioning that infant massage also helps parents by stimulating the production of oxytocin, a hormone that plays an important role in parental bonding. So whenever you massage your baby, not only does your child grow closer to you, you are also growing closer her. 

Emotional and Mental Benefits

Infant massage offers many emotional benefits to parents and their infant children. For instance, it offers comfort and a sense of security whenever a baby feels threatened. It can also make them feel safe whenever they experience strong emotions or encounter things that causes them distress. 

Another emotional benefit is relaxation. By massaging your baby, not only will you be able to comfort them, you will also be able to help them relax in times of stress or illness. Relaxation is very important for many infants because it correlates with their breathing. Physically ill or extremely distressed babies cannot cope with intense emotions, which is why they often develop breathing problems whenever they get too excited. 

Whether this excitement is caused by fear or some other stimuli, a gentle massage can help stabilize the child's emotions, which in turn helps them to breathe normally again. This also holds true if the child is experiencing pain. A quick massage can offer them some measure of comfort, which in turn will help them to relax. 

Finally, infant massage can help develop a baby's midline orientation. Midline orientation refers to a baby's bilateral skill (the ability to operate both sides of the body), and is necessary for developing complex body movements. 

Health Benefits

Most benefits of infant massage are emotional and psychological in nature, but the act of gently massaging an infant child offers a few health benefits as well. First of all, infant massage reduces stress among infants, which in turn lowers their cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that's linked to behavioral problems as well as high levels of stress. If left unchecked, babies that have high cortisol levels may develop problems as they get older. So massaging them can help prevent such problems from ever happening. 

Another benefit offered by infant massage is that it helps reduce the buildup of gas and congestion. When infants feel stressed or helpless, they start to develop digestive problems, which then affect their appetite. Massage helps to relieve babies of these feelings, which in turn helps their digestion. 

A third benefit is pain management. Whenever a baby experiences pain, a good massage can provide her the relief she needs. One good example is teething, which causes discomfort to almost all babies. When this happens to your child then a gentle massage will temporarily relieve them of any pain that they might be experiencing due to their growing teeth. 

Fourthly, a gentle massage can help protect your baby from skin irritations, but only if you use quality massage oil. When paired with other baby skin care products, high-quality massage oils can temporarily form a protective layer around a baby's skin. This layer will help to prevent skin irritations and other similar ailments. 

Finally, infant massage can help babies maintain a consistent sleeping pattern. If your child has trouble sleeping then infant massage may be a practical way to make them go to sleep.

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