Why I Should be Using Organic Skincare Products During Pregnancy

Author: ejuno   Date Posted:2 January 2018 

Studies show that the non-biodegradable and toxic ingredients found...


Take your bottle of shampoo or lotion and read through the list of ingredients. How chilling is the list? The more mysterious the list, the less likely the product is healthy and safe for both you and your unborn baby. As you go through the list ask yourself if it would be safe for your child to “consume” them literally. Because, technically during pregnancy when you apply a product on your skin and it gets absorbed into your body, your baby automatically absorbs the same product into his or her body. 

So, apart from the scans and checkups that you go through as an expectant mum, you need to be very careful with the beauty products you use during these crucial months. And this is where organic skin care products come in handy. Research has shown that using organic skincare products during pregnancy can be imperatively beneficial to expectant women. Here is why:

Your baby will develop safely

Studies show that the non-biodegradable and toxic ingredients found in artificial skin care products often cross the placenta into the baby. And since the fetus cannot detoxify well until about 7 months, this can have a long-term effect on its development. Most organic skin care products do not have such toxic ingredients and using them will allow your child to grow safely and healthy without any problems.

Zero Internal Problems

The toxic and non-biodegradable chemicals from conventional skin care products eventually end up getting into your bloodstream which can adversely affect your unborn child. And with all the adverseness that they carry, it does not take a gynecologist to realize the threat they can pose to your baby.

Counters Stretch marks

Any experienced gynecologist will tell you that during pregnancy, your hips, thighs, belly, and thighs will expand slightly making your itchy and dry leading to stretch marks. Fortunately using organic beauty products that contain natural oils will considerably counter stretch marks. Furthermore, these natural ingredients have moisture retention and healing properties that will not only keep your skin soft but also nourished and appealing.

Compatible with all types of skin

Organic skincare products are great for all types of skin. Whether you are fair and your child is dark or vice versa, you will find cosmetics that are appropriate for the both of you. Also, women with sensitive or oily skin can use them without worrying about aggravating their condition.

Skin Protection

Both your skin and your baby’s skin usually become very hypersensitive and delicate during pregnancy and the inorganic and non-biodegradable chemicals in artificial skin products can become a recipe for allergic reactions and skin irritability if not careful. With all natural beauty products, you will not have to worry about you or your baby straining because of an allergic reaction.


Reduces risk of diseases significantly

Inorganic skin care products contain more than 300 chemicals that have been associated with breast cancer, congenital disabilities, and asthma. And using these products when expectant can adversely affect your baby’s health and can catapult childhood leukemia risk by over 50 percent. So sticking with natural products will not just help you deliver a healthy baby, but will also reduce your infant’s risk of contracting such deadly diseases.

No Toxic Smells

Apart from the corrosive chemicals and artificial colors, most skin care brands contain artificial fragrances. Though this seems hurtless you might want to reconsider your opinion on this. Did you know that many pregnant agonize with reactions like sinus issues, nausea and migraines because of these fragrances? On the other hand, all natural products do not contain any artificial fragrances. 


As mentioned earlier, many conventional skin care products contain chemicals and toxins that can negatively affect the environment. The glamor of natural products, however, is that you won’t be responsible for the degradation of the environment. Although you are just one individual, it is very important. Additionally, you will be creating a brighter and greener future for your young one!

Wrapping it up

Using only organic and all natural beauty products is an unconditional decision that every loving mum ought to make. Let go of the misleading adage that every skin care product is healthy for you and your baby. Most of them are not tested and more and more harmful ingredients are being discovered in most products. These toxic chemicals strain your body and can negatively affect your baby’s health!

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