11 Unique Ideas for an Eco friendly, Green Baby Shower

Author: ejuno   Date Posted:15 November 2017 

Below is a rundown of some ideas on how to throw a green baby shower. Below is a rundown of some ideas on how to throw a green baby shower.


Someone once wittily remarked that we don't inherit the world from our ancestors, rather, we borrow it from our children. That tasks us to always look for ways to conserve the environment and leave the very little footprint as possible. It is ironical that some of the things we do with very good intentions for the children turn out to be harmful to the environment. For instance, during baby showers, the expectant mother and her friends long for the arrival of the child - but in the process of welcoming the child, they do stuff that further pollutes the environment. Which begs the question, how can an expectant mother organize for an Eco-friendly baby shower? Below is a rundown of some ideas on how to throw a green baby shower.


Sending Digital Invitations

Instead of sending out traditional invite cards, you can go digital and invite friends and family via email, Facebook, and similar platforms. It is faster, cheaper, more convenient, and helps to conserve nature. If you do it the traditional way, you'll need to print cards, spend money in the process, and post. Then you'll have to wait for sometime before the invited guests confirm attendances. Not to mention that trees are cut to produce the paper you use to send an invite.


Pick a special spot in a park as venue for the baby shower

Choosing a scenic outdoor spot in a nature park will significantly reduce the amount of decorative work you'll need in preparation for the event. A banquet hall, for instance, will need lots of alteration and decorations to improve its aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, a country garden is bedecked with naturally beautiful scenery and will need very minimal decorative work. Moreover, you can incorporate flowers growing nearby into your event's theme.

Choose the time well. You want pictures of the baby shower to benefit from abundant natural lighting.

Organic Romper Instead of Guestbook

A guestbook will only collect dust in your drawers. And it is made of paper. Meaning, more trees cut. You can find an alternative keepsake like an organic romper. Guests can then sign on the organic romper with a fabric pen. Isn't that very memorable and ingenious?

Ask friends to come with organic gift products for mother and baby

You need to find a nice and not-so-pushy way to ask friends and family to come with gift products that are organic and Eco-friendly. For example, one can get a diaper bag made from organic raw materials, BPA-free bottles for the baby organic skincare products that are free of harsh ingredients in the baby's toilette, organic cotton bodysuits, as well as non-toxic teething toys.

Can they offer homemade food instead of purchasing toys?

Ask your friends if they can prepare homemade food for the baby shower instead of purchasing toys. Toys are pretty expensive, and it will be sometime before the baby gets around to using them. The toys can take up a lot of space in the house. Therefore, it'll be pretty awesome if the friends agree to bring homemade food in place of buying toys. In any case, most of them might end up buying similar toys.

Let them bring wooden or natural toys for your baby

If the friends insist on bringing toys, then ask them to bring wooden or natural toys for the baby. Give a wide berth to plastic toys. Plastics are a menace - they are non-biodegradable and become an eyesore when left to lie around. Therefore, insist on natural toys.

No plastic cutlery

Still, on plastics, you'd do well to use what you have at home to serve food to the visitors instead of buying disposable plastic cutlery. That saves time and conserves nature.

Avoid gift wrappings and bags

Gift wrappings and bags are sometimes too expensive, unnecessarily. Let your friends find alternative ways to pack their gifts instead of going for the expensive gift wrappings and bags. You want to inform them that it is okay to not pack the gifts, and just deliver it as it is.

Save Fuel

Instead of all your friends driving to the venue and wasting fuel, they can agree to rideshare so as to save money and protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions.



As already stated, you'll need to do very minimal decorative work now that you'll choose a scenic outdoors venue. All you'll have to do is supplement it with natural recyclable decorations or bring what you have at home.


Use Eco-friendly cleaning products

These are detergents and soaps made from plant-based agents instead of ammonia, phosphates, and other compounds that make conventional cleaning products. The Eco-Friendly cleaning products are non-toxic, healthier, and safer. Use them.


Bonus idea: Go Healthy! 


Can you jettison manufactured sugars?

Lastly, if possible, do without sugars, and instead, use natural honey or other natural sugars where you'd have used manufactured sugar.

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